CKOTA Board of Directors

Board of Directors

John Sanders, President - Blazing Colorscapes

B.G. Hubbs, Treasurer - Community Tree Care, Inc.

Beate Popkin, Secretary - Living Gardens, LLC


Ian Hoffman - Big Beaver Tree Service

Dave Leonard - Consulting Arborist

Dr. Gregg Munshaw - UK Turf Ext. Specialist

Todd Rounsaville - Curator of Native Plants at the Arboretum

Gina Slack - John Deere Landscapes

Delia Scott - Fayette County Extension Service

Jamie Dockery - Fayette County Extension Service

Dr. Nicole Ward Gauthier - UK Dept. of Plant Pathology

Dr. Bill Fountain - UK Department of Horticulture

CKOTA Mission

The purpose of the Central Kentucky Ornamental & Turf Association (CKOTA) is to promote horticultural improvement, professionalism and camaraderie in Kentucky; in particular to encourage the further study of horticulture, arboriculture and turf science, to analyze and disseminate information relating thereto, and to represent the judgement of this organization in the matters of policy which affect encouragement of education, horticultural protection and/or management.

CKOTA Board of Directors &
Technical Advisory Committee